Housing Evolution™

Investors & Land Owners

Landsync is a new custom build focused development company with a unique and innovative approach which we believe will help to solve some of the problems the UK housing market currently faces.

As such, we are always keen to speak to potential financial investors and partners who are interested in making significant financial returns, whilst at the same time helping people into an exceptional custom-built home, that they otherwise may not have been able to afford.

If you’re a landowner of a plot in excess of 1 Acre (0.4 hectares) and believe there may be potential for future residential development or are considering a potential sale, we would love to speak to you about how you could potentially get involved with the Landsync approach.

Our innovative development strategy allows us to make a financial offer in line with the sites true market value, however, should you wish to enter into a Joint Venture agreement with Landsync Ltd, your end land value could be further enhanced.

If you would like to speak to us discreetly about investing in one of our developments or in connection with the potential of your development land, then please do get in touch for a free and friendly chat.