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The Landsync LPA Solution

Our mission statement: – “To make new, bespoke custom build homes more affordable.”

Landsync’s new development strategy is set to revolutionise the custom build housing market. We offer a completely new and innovative custom build solution that will play a part in fixing the UK’s broken housing market.  Landsync streamlines the new build process delivering exceptional, modern, bespoke custom build housing in attractive locations and, most importantly of all at a more affordable price.

A Landsync purchaser would expect to pay an initial deposit of around 50% less when compared to buying a comparable new build home from a traditional housebuilder.

Our job is to ‘sync’ together landowners, property professionals, SME residential contractors, our customers (future homeowners) and the finance.

Landsync’s vision is to create a new benchmark by building exceptional new communities that exceed modern lifestyle requirements, incorporating well thought out shared communal space and amenities, all futuristically designed to ensure they incorporate new technologies that will impact and improve how we live in the future.

We offer a varied selection of modern custom built homes reflecting the living requirements of a wide selection of different customer types.  The use of modern modular construction methods where possible will allow us to create ‘whole of life housing’ where owners can expand and even reduce the size of their home depending on family’s changing space requirements over time. Homes can also be specifically designed to account for individual disability or mobility requirements.

The Landsync customer journey is similar to buying a prestige car.  Our customers choose their preferred site location on one of our and fully serviced development, then select their preferences from a fixed price menu of further home design and specification choices.

With the use of tablet and VR technology, customers can choose their specific property size, floor layout, external look, and internal specification.  Our fixed pricing structure means that our customers are in total control of cost ensuring that each Landsync home can be tailored to be truly affordable for its new occupiers.

Following a comprehensive underwriting process, our customers bespoke new home is commissioned and custom-built by one of Landsync’s preferred construction partners on the customer’s behalf.

Landsync’s complete Development Land to New Home Solution removes many of the barriers and concerns that prevent people from choosing a custom new-build development. We achieve this by supplying our Landsync customers with a fully serviced development plot with planning permission in place, providing access to competitive mortgage finance, managing the build process and removing much of the cumbersome red tape.

Landsync Ltd is the innovator of this game-changing package, not currently offered anywhere else.

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