Housing Evolution™

“New ways of thinking about familiar things can
release new energies and make all manner of things possible.”
B. Handy CBE, Philosopher.

Landsync = ‘Housing Evolution™’

Our Mission:- To enable the production of bespoke modern and sustainable custom-built homes that are both totally luxurious and most importantly, affordable.

Landsync intends to revolutionise the UK custom-build housing market.

We offer a new innovative solution, that will play a part in fixing the UK’s broken housing market by simplifying the new build process, enabling the delivery of exceptional, modern, bespoke custom build housing, more easily, in the right locations, and most importantly of all, more affordably.

As our name suggests we ‘sync’ together landowners, property professionals, SME Custom Build contractors, our future homeowners, mortgage providers, and financial investors.

We operate across the southern Home Counties – Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire.  If you own land in excess of 1 acre / 0.4 hectares in size, and you have wondered if it may be suitable for future residential development, we can offer you a totally free ‘Landsync Land Agent Appraisal Report’.

There’s really nothing to lose!

Please call or email us anytime for a friendly chat to get things started.

Also, Have You Signed Up To Your Right To Build Register?

If you are interested in building your own home or having a custom-built home completed on your behalf, then recent government legislation allows you to add your name to your local authority’s Right to Build Register. Find out more details and register with your local authority.